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Why Choose IIHAA

The paradigm of IIHAA is build on simple value system. The biggest challenge for bigger corporations across the world is that of keeping its systems and processes simple. Many of the processes does not take its customers as their part. Keeping in mind of joint development strategies IIHAA processes and systems are simple and follows ethical values rather than financial values.

The fourth generation technologies require seasoned professionals across various landscapes. IIHAA believes in the synergies of companies to deliver world class solutions and have tied up with many companies.


An Organization’s strength is determined by its people and their experience in the related areas. The organisation is lead by globally seasoned technocrat who was involved in creating world class companies with another seasoned marketing professional with financial background.

The team leads are young and well experienced with good exposure to technical skills with sound qualification. The team is allowed to independently handle and professional environment makes them to harness the skills continuously. The open and simple system and process at IIHAA enables cordial culture where
Individual value systems are respected and given due recognition.

  • Strong management with proven track record of achievement
  • Young, dynamic and experienced team with set of wanted skills
  • Well defined process and understanding of continued value addition
  • Simple and methodological administrative system allowing the people to play the roles effectively, diligently
  • Defined vision and mission leading to regular milestones
  • Risk mitigation planned for the risks associated with technology obsolesce, people migration
  • Well defined review system on deliverables, designs, weekly reviews, performance

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