For delivering State-of-the-Art Products and Deliverables, The process must of uncompromised quality and standards. Get to know the process we follow at IIHAA

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The deliverables from IIHAA always follows stringent process with high repeatability, where in all the stake holders understand the purpose and ensure that the deliverables are world class.The requirements are documented clearly with use of various tools like UML following business cases resulting in requirement specification. The various forms of requirements namely software, automation and mechanical requirements follows its process with suitable tools. Wherever required the CIM practices of having the well defined interfaces between the processes area also documented as requirement. The requirements are analysed and the solution architecture is again documented in architectural deign and concept layout. The architected solution is converted to full-fledged design using UML tools and 3D modelling software.

The testing team starts its work right after the requirements stage and starts with test case designs. Each and every stage calls for review system where in the customer is also taken as a reviewer. The review process and related documentation is clearly standardised and followed without any escapes. The well defined configuration management takes care of documentation versioning and also takes care of deliverables versioning. The actual development works starts with well defined detail design and execution team need not go back to thought process. The developed software code / developed engineered component / developed automation flow are tested thoroughly and the documentation helps is maintenance. The configuration management takes care of history and proper integrity in the data. The testing procedures are well established where in either of component / piece of code, subassembly / functional code, main assembly / integrated application escapes the established process.The performance tests are conducted to ensure the required output and value addition team from the design ensures that the value addition of deliverables right from beginning.

The tested applications are fine tuned and again regression tested followed by performance testing ensures that the functional goals are met along with required value addition. The baselining of releases are properly done with the required documentation for ease of maintenance and also knowledge management. The reusability of the components / code is ensured right from architecture stage to ensure that the reinventing the wheel does not happen in the organisation and effort savings are directly passed to customer benefit.

The support team takes care of the implementation and support activities with well defined process with set goal of 24 hours resolution time. The team uses the processes as well defined tools rather than the formality. The process is defined such that repeat of data does not happen at different levels and data is represented in the format required by each one.

Most of engineering manufacturing activities are outsourced and only the main assembly followed by total integration happens in-house. But a strong team takes care of all the process inputs and works with vendors to ensure proper process is followed at vendor end. The vendor rating keeps check on vendor performance. Like wise HR ensures that the people performance are enhanced using regular, concise performance appraisers. Effective retaining strategies are formed and best HR practices are followed. Training and skill enhancements are broad based and followed with set targets.

The change management and contract management practices are clearly documented and followed with ease. The risk associated with changes are analysed and depending upon impact contract reviews are redefined. The internal practices of root cause analysis, KAIZEN, 7S and six sigma are followed prudently with minimal documentation. The MSA standards are followed for R&R of the engineering product deliverables.

The best transparent financial system ensures zero privileges and growth oriented. The HR and administrative departments aims to facilitates the teams rather than making the technical teams to adhere some formal way of following the things without knowing the back ground meaning for the same.