About Us

‘IIHAA’ is Sanskrit is ‘wish’. We wish that technological dreams of our clients comes alive with our solutions making them competitive in market and sustain the momentum required for next generation technologies.



IIHAA delivers solutions to the Industries where the fourth generation technologies change the total landscape of industries. In order to become CIM practicing company IIHAA has started building the following solutions for the various industries.

  • Test automation solutions including machine vision
  • Applying AI for simple applications and provide valuable solutions
  • Applying AI for process automation solutions where the human dependency and subjectivity poses issues.

IIHAA believes in simple value system ensuring all the deliverables value adds to the customer. Simple business values of ethical, moral and  human values are followed and respected. IIHAA workforce believes in itself and works independently to create new applications for the latest technologies. IIHAA always seeks the latest evolving technologies to help industries to do their job better and make them competitive.

Headed by well seasoned technocrat and seasoned financial expert who also inherited marketing skills for the past three decades, IIHAA understands it’s potential. We set very simple value system where the entire echo system around IIHAA follows it by following simple human value system.

The passion for IIHAA has always strived to achieve the best possible solution using the best technologies (either emerging or existing) to the applicable area. IIHAA is well set for the present fourth generation industrial technologies and utilise the best trained manpower to maximise the advantages of the new technologies. IIHAA with its young and energetic team has took AI as its base emerging technology and look forward to deliver opt solutions.

IIHAA looks ahead to deliver the solutions using AI and already IIHAA gained expertise in AI – imaging in impending machine vision solutions and thus retains the front runner solution maker.

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To use digital age technologies to advantage of every one in the business stream and industry for betterment combined with ease of use wherever possible.


To attain a position where the company is globally respected for technology, value system and human values.